Investment solutions.

Our innovative refinancing model allows professional investors* (banks, insurers, foundations, pension funds, high net worth, etc.) to finance transparent and competitive consumer loans.

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Designed for Professional investors.


  • FCT Younited France (ISIN: FR0011605690)
  • FCT Younited Italy (ISIN: FR0013288412)
  • FCT Younited Germany (ISIN: FR00140030N1)
Performance summary


  • Dedicated funds for large institutional investors
  • Full control over the vehicle and its liquidity (distribution/capitalization)
  • Random loan selection between open-ended and dedicated funds


  • Public ABS transaction in May 2019
  • Youni 2019-1, listed on Euronext Paris, for €156m
  • Senior tranche, rated AAA by S&P’s and Aaa by Moody’s

A rigorous risk management.

Proprietary scoring models and cutting-edge fraud detection tools allow us to only finance clients possessing an optimal risk profile.

A risk-based pricing methodology allows us to estimate the cost of risk of each individual client and to determine the best interest rate for them. This interest rate is also calibrated to help us reach our target performance.

Our risk team regularly monitors risk and return indicators at a portfolio level to ensure those are in line with expectations.


A financial product with competitive returns and low volatility.

A new asset class: unique access to European consumer loans market.

Diversification of credit risk on thousands of French consumer loans.

Main risks

Borrower default risk: This could impact the returns for investors and/or lead to risk of loss capital.

Liquidity: Based on limited liquidity, in the worst case scenario where all investors would ask for total redemption at the same time, they would get their funds ona prorata basis, upon borrowers monthly payment.


* Investment in Younited funds is reserved for professional investors, in the meaning of Article L533-16 of the French Monetary and Financial Code (MFC). This website is designed exclusively for information purposes, it does not constitute a contractual material, nor an offer or an incentive for investment or an offer to buy or personal advice. It cannot be considered a solicitation or canvassing. Subject to compliance with its obligations, Younited will not be liable for the financial consequences of any nature whatsoever resulting from the investment. Data contained on this website are not certified. Younited cannot be held liable for a decision made on the basis of this information. The estimates and forecasts of default rates and performance are the result of simulations carried out in good faith by Younited for information only. They are based on various scenarios selected by Younited on the estimated borrowers default rates at the time they were made and historical data, and do not anticipate the future evolution of the funds’ performance. Younited will not be liable (i) for the relevance, correctness or timeliness of these estimates, the latter having no contractual value and (ii) any error or omission in their computing or dissemination. Younited or any of its officers or employees shall not liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from the consultation or use of these estimates. Younited funds’ general regulations and supplementary regulations are provided to subscribers prior to subscription and made available upon request. Subscribers must consider the degree of exposure to different risks in view of their overall allocation and their individual situation. Furthermore, if they consider it necessary, they can ask for legal or financial or tax or accounting advice or any other professional. Investing in Younited’s funds involves a risk of total or partial loss of capital and a risk of illiquidity. Past performances are not a reliable indication of future performances. They are not constant over time and are not subject to any guarantee.