What we do
for individuals.

Enjoy the easiest online consumer credit application in the market and an ultra-fast answer to your request.


A transparent loan.

100% of our customers benefit from a fixed rate loan with a fixed repayment term. No hidden costs.

A simple application.

A 100% online process with the latest innovation to simplify your application: electronic signature, open-banking account aggregation technology.

An ultra-fast answer.

We provide an answer in less than 24h* and make funds available in record time.

Benefit from our bank account analysis expertise to reduce your monthly expenses and discover our budget optimization tips.


Analyze your expenses.

We conduct a precise analysis of your expenses to identify savings opportunities (insurance, bank fees, energy…).

& free.

A 100% online process with no cost at all.


We help you reduce your monthly expenses and save money on your bills!

Buy now and spread your purchases in a few clicks with our smooth payment method.


As simple as other payments.

Choose Younited Pay to buy now and pay later within the timeframe of your choice.

Instant answers, always.

A 100% online process with no cost at all.

The easiest application process.

Directly plugged into your favorite retailer.