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Ready to challenge a system that is 4000 year-old? Ready to invent a new simpler way of dealing with money matters? Foolish enough to believe it can be more transparent thanks to tech? Welcome at Younited, a team of entrepreneurs!

Our values.

As you can imagine, banking and payments cannot be changed just like that! To deliver on these ambitions, we are a team of more than 500 talented and energetics Younies: could you be the next one? To support our hypergrowth, we are constantly looking for talented people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to join us.

To build the Fintech of tomorrow, we must shake up the established order, and chart our course ourselves, by constantly innovating. For this, we are strongly inspired by our values, the real DNA of our company:

No limits Innovate
or die
is better
Act as an
Make it